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srzip 0.3

This product is stable and maintained.

srzip is a compression utility with control very similar to gzip or bzip2. Its target is not to compete with classic compressing and archiving programs, but to offer frame for testing and educating of various algorithms. Algorithms implemented in this version are: run-length encoding, static and adaptive Huffman encoding and Burrows-Wheeler transformation.

Thanks to autoconf it can be compiled (I hope) practically on every Unix with reasonable new compiler (GCC would be the best). First version was tested with DJGPP, this one was not, although it should theoretically work. With some work the *.dj files can be customized so that everything could be compilable with another compiler for DOS or Windows. Beware that archives produced by versions compiled on systems with different word length (16 bits or 32 bits or more) are not mutually compatible.

Sources on GitHub.

Copyright: ©1999-2000 Štěpán Roh.

License: special, Artistic.

Requirements: C language compiler.



Home / Software / srzip 0.3