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Stepan Roh's Befunge-93 Builder 1.0 for Windows

This product is stable and unmaintained.

Interpreter and development environment of two-dimensional language Befunge-93 taken as a Borland Delphi parody. Lot of examples.

Windows 95 may lock if larger projects are loaded (obviously some system resource exhaustion), in Windows NT 4.0 the size of toolbar buttons are changed and some panels disappear from windows. Help invoked from program (Help menu) will not be found, because its name is stored in executable with full path (look into src/befunge.dpr, line with Application.HelpFile), which is not my fault, that was done by Delphi. There is a small mistake in the help (I don't remember which entry) where half of paragraph is in big font (I wrote the help in WinText then converted it to RTF and finally half-automatically adjusted, so don't wonder.

Copyright: ©1998 Štěpán Roh.

License: Artistic.

Requirements: Windows 3.x or higher.



Home / Software / Befunge-93 Builder 1.0